Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Onward March

Now that we had the experience of the first show underway, we were ready to tackle the second with more knowledge and insight.

 From the first show's recording, Ross and I learnt all the things that we needed to do before and after the show in terms of logistics and editing and we're quite confident that we're much better equipped for the second one. I think the Upstart members also enjoyed getting a taste of the live action and learning the way an actual show recording works.

This Tuesday, we started considering the show topic for the next show in an editorial discussion. Ross and I suggested crime as it was current and had been one of the things they had mentioned in their original show topic choices.

But as always, the group didn't cease to surprise by taking ownership of the show and suggesting we do something more light hearted because that is also the kinds of things that they want to hear. And so it was decided that we do a "Venus vs Mars" show where teenage girls  and boys try to understand each other.

 The ideas started being thrown around at a rapid pace and it again reminded of the things which occupy the mind of a person that age.  It was also good to see that the enthusiasm hadn't died down after all the weeks of work.

Thursday reminded me what a good team Ross and I make as he worked with the usual group on show material for the second show while I worked with a member of the Upstart newspaper project on an audio book recording for the first show.

I really enjoyed working with Lutho in reading a chapter from a story written by another Upstart member. We broke the first chapter up into sections and before recording each section, we would discuss the characters emotions and how these would be interpreted into spoken words. It didn't feel lilke work and both of us were suprised at how much fun we were having.

Things are definitely taking shape and the whole thing just keeps getting better!

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